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What follows is a little glimpse into Heidi’s heart.  It is so very good.  I do not want to clutter this month’s update with accounts of work and things accomplished.  Yes, much has been done and much has been accomplished, but over, beneath and around all the activity is a big story, a deep purpose and One who holds it all together.  Let us remember and celebrate that together.  Enjoy!  - Dean


Lou and Lydie are cozily tucked into their beds for an afternoon nap. The soothing sounds of solo piano music by Joe Yamada are softly playing over my Anker speaker.  The afternoon sun shines brightly through windows and doors. My Bible and study books are spread out on Mike and Rachel’s kitchen table while a cup of tea brews nearby.  The wind blows, and snow swirls.


I can hear the sounds of building just outside. The steady pop of a nail gun as Dean and Mike build.  Jay was with them for a few hours this morning too. Three generations!

They are building a house for Mike and Rachel in the lot right behind the house they are currently renting. A home of their own. Their “winter house”, or “Saturday house”, as I like to think of it, for it can mostly only be worked on weekends…in the dead of winter, as Mike works full time construction on weekdays.

Mine is the easy job. Staying warm and playing with precious little girls so that Rachel can work her Saturday job at the coffee shop.


How swiftly time has passed. The tall strong man with the nail gun was the little boy whose toys I used to pick up and whose tears I once wiped away. Yes, the very one who used to bring tears to my eyes as I cried out to the Heavenly Father for guidance ad wisdom in how to train him up, bundle of energy and passion that he was.

I sit here reflecting on the faithfulness of that Heavenly Father through the years. Not easy years, all of them, to be sure. I wonder just how many prayers have been lifted? And heard! For I know they have been heard. How many tears has He stored up in His bottle? (Ps 56:8) How many passages from His precious Word have been illumined? How many words of hope and comfort offered to my weary or discouraged heart? Faithful and True. Beyond what I could have hoped or imagined.

I reflect on the hope that we have as believers. Not because we have beautiful families, cozy homes, or meaningful work. But the hope that we have because we call on the Name that is above all names. The hope that we have because ours is a risen Savior who by His costly and mighty sacrifice has made a way for us back to the Father’s presence, into light and truth.

All of us can think of ways that the darkness presses in. Into our communities, into the lives of our loved ones, even into our own hearts. But today let us remember this. Simply this. “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it”  (John 1:4-5).


Thanks to all of those who support us. If you are thinking about visiting us this summer, either with a group or individually.  Contact us soon.

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